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Interior design is worth it entrust to our architects

​ ​Each place has an individual character waiting to be discovered. Our designers know how way to expose the potential of space, even seemingly difficult.
Talented architects will do their best to make it harmonious adjust the aesthetics and ergonomics of the room to your needs and preferences people using it. Interior design is not for us it is just a job, a task or a zero-one solution problems. Rather, it consists in creating an arrangement that over timeit will become an integral part of the life of the household members for a long time years will express their emotions and authentic tastes. Only an experienced architect interior designer can create such a unique composition, without embarrassment reaching for traditional solutions on an equal footing with innovative ones.
This approach that characterizes the AM Invest team. Find out about it and make an appointment with us.






​Our activities include wide range of professional services. We design on request architecture on a small and large scale, we create unconventional arrangements of residential, office and public areas, as well attractive landscape plans.


​Architects of AM Invest
specialize in complex projects
architectural and construction and interior design projects in
turnkey standard.


​Regardless of the type
investment, we carefully take care of it, documenting the course of work
from A to Z and meeting agreed deadlines. After design phase and accepting the concept, you will receive accurate information from us implementation guidance. Thanks to this work
renovation and construction will run smoothly and you will gain time.


​Browse the projects that
we put in the portfolio. See how we meet expectations the most demanding, combining luxury with functionality.
The competence of our designers is confirmed by numerous awards in prestigious competitions and flattering recommendations existing customers.

​Stages of cooperation with our office

​​We design residential, service, commercial and office interiors. The space is designed in terms of the needs and requirements of the future user at the highest level.
We treat everyone in an individual way, we create unconventional and timeless designs.

​Depending on the specificity and complexity of the project, it takes an average of 3 months to prepare the project

​Meetings can take place in our office, on site or online

​The final project is issued in the form of a printout or sent in .jpg .pdf format

​Luxurious interior designer

​We are convinced that a unique interior requires a luxurious and carefully thought out finishes. By choosing AM Invest, you start cooperation with an experienced team of architects who specialize in interior design they put their whole heart into it. Entrust us with your investment – in return you will receive a unique creation of space, in each inch tailored to your needs. We focus on comfort, aesthetics and full functionality. We call into existence projects that live and go beyond the usual patterns, fulfilling expectations of each household member. Our design office is located is located in Krakow, but we are not limited by the location. Independently depending on the region or country, we will be happy to create an exclusive and timeless vision. With us you will make your dreams come true and plan future.

​Recommendations of our clients

​​“ I chose these architects because I wanted a very minimalist one interior that would not be a copy of what is currently fashionable. ​I am satisfied and recommend them to my friends."

​Catherine L.

​​​​​“Because of quite complicated visions of what I wanted to have at home we decided to help and prepare the interior design. After finishing everything started great
look like in the project - we recommend."

​Dominica and Robert K.

​​“I invest in real estate, that's why I work with AM Invest, I know that They always have good ideas that I can easily implement later. A very professional approach to the client. ”​

​Richard L.

​Distinctions in prestigious competitions


​Luxury does not require space

​​We have proven that luxury interiors are not only stunning in design, but also functionally and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum living comfort


Light` up the space

​​We have proved that the space of any company can be luxurious thanks to the skilful use of lighting in a timeless design

​Take advantage of a free valuation AM Invest

​​Interior design is ours passion. If you want us to analyze your investment and offer exclusive solutions, make an appointment.  The architect will explain in detail what the cooperation and how we can participate in the implementation of the most daring plans and dreams.
You will receive in advance from give us a detailed valuation, thanks to which you will take into account the work design when compiling construction or renovation costs. Throughout this time our specialists will be ready to offer advice and help.  We hope that the interior designed by us will become your favourite.

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